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Thank you

To the many people who have contributed to the development and preparation of the plan and to everyone who voted to adopt the Neighbourhood Plan in the referendum.


Format of Working Groups

Community event at school

Review Feedback from event

Produce/Agree detailed work programme

National & Local Policy Assessment

Prepare preferred option draft plan

Preferred option consultation

Revise Draft Plan

Start Formal Public Consultation

Formal Consultation closure

Public Responses Reviewed

Draft Plan Revised

Revised Plan Approved - Parish Council

Submit plan to Wychavon District Council

Wychavon District Council Consultation on submitted draft plan

Approved for Referendum

Referendum & Plan adoption

neighbourhood plan

Was written by a sub committee of the Parish Council : The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, made up of volunteers who consulted with the local community.


Following a sucessful outcome at the referendum on 16th March 2017 the Neighbourhood Plan that was  was adopted on 26th April..All the documents for the Neighbourhood Plan can be seen here

The referendum was open to all individuals on the electoral register within the defined neighbourhood area. These individuals voted on the question:
‘’Do you want Wychavon District Council to use the Drakes Broughton and Wadborough with Pirton Neighbourhood Plan to help decide planning applications in the Neighbourhood area?’’

A significant majority (93%)of those who cast a vote (turnout 25%) were in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan. It will now form part of the development framework and be used alongside the South Worcestershire Development Plan and other material considerations in determining planning applications in the neighbourhood area.The Neighbourhood Plan has taken around 3 years to complete and is only the second plan to have been adopted in Worcestershire.

With the succesful referendum result the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has now been disbanded and the plan will be maintained by the Parish Council.

The following documents were produced during the production of the Neighbourhood Plan

Minutes of the steering group meetings and other documents are on this page

neighbourhood plan LATEST NEWS

November 2019- The review of the South Worcestershire Development plan shows little regard for our adopted Neighbourhood plan......
The review of the SWDP is recommending that a major focus for development is the Worcester Parkway Station and the preferred options being put forward are proposing building between 5,000 and 10,000 houses around Parkway.

This includes taking a massive swathe of land in the Drakes Broughton and Wadborough Civic Parish that the adopted Neighbourhood plan has designated as open countryside.CLICK here to see a map showing the area being proposed.

In Drakes Broughton itself one site has been included in the proposal - it's on Walcot Lane on land that is outside the planning boundary - as designated in the adopted Neighbourhood Plan. A planning application for the site was refused by Wychavon District Council in 2018 and the refusal was upheld in a jucitial review. So why is it now being put forward as a recomended site?

For more information about the South Worcestershire Development plan please look on the Wychavon web site where you can comments or alternatively go to one of the public consultation events - there are several including one in Pershore on Wednesday 13 November and one in Norton on Thursday 21 November between 2pm and 8pm. For a full list of consultations visit https://www.swdevelopmentplan.org/?page_id=14555



The Neighbourhood Plan was  formally  adopted on 26th April 2017 and will be used to inform future planning decisions within the Neighbourhood area