Drakes broughton

Improving our Community assets – the plans are progressing!

Implementation of the Open Space Master Plan
In January 2018 the Parish Council commissioned One Ltd to develop The "Open Space Master Plan" to pave the way for transforming the Parish Council owned Playing Field in Drakes Broughton into an open space for the whole community to use for sport and leisure.

Working with a small team of community volunteers to give input and help shape the ideas, a plan emerged that showed a transformed playing field. This plan, known as “The Open Space Master Plan” was shared at a public consultation event in May 2018. The feedback was very positive, people liked the ideas which include new play parks with equipment for younger and older children, seating areas, a trim trail, a small amphitheatre, a multipurpose use sports surface and relocated football pitches. The new layout moves the play areas closer to the village hall with the intent that, with improved access points, the hall and outdoor space will be used together, not least to enable parents and careers to enjoy a café facility whilst supervising youngsters in the play parks

 Click here to see the “Open Space Master Plan”

Development work to the Playing Field will be paid for with money specifically allocated in 106 unilateral agreements made between Wychavon and the developers. This money has to be spent on the Playing field, for either what is known as "formal sport" or for general amenity. To date money is allocated in 106 agreements from 4 housing developments in Drakes Broughton. The money becomes available as the first house is sold on each site. Once its available then the Parish Council can apply for money from Wychavon District Council with detailed plans and costings showing for how the money is to be spent.

The Parish Council is grateful to the Open Space Review Group who continue to work very hard to translate the Master Plan into reality, developing the ideas, making plans and using formal tendering processes so the work can be commissioned.


Rejuvenating the Village Hall
The Parish Council are continuing to support the Village Hall Committee in the work that is being done to revitalise this very important community hall.

In October 2017 a condition survey for the hall commissioned by the Parish Council to formally identified what work was needed to repair/restore the building and the question was asked "should we repair or rebuild?" The answer was repair and so supported by a grant from the Parish Council and anotherone from Wychavon the renovation began when new heating was installed.  Other work was completed which was funded by the Village Hall Committee and now the Hall is back in regular use once again. However, it is obvious that although the hall is now very useable there is plenty of scope for major improvement if the hall is to be the "go to" place for the local community.

As the plans started to emerge for development of the Playing Field it became obvious that better integration between the Hall and the Playing field would improve the usability of both the Hall and the Open Space.  Draft plans for a revitalised Hall were shared at a public consultation event in May 2018. The plans were really well received and the community voted overwhelmingly to spend the £84,250 the New Homes Bonus money available to the Parish Council to improve the Village Hall.

With a further grant from the Parish Council in January 2019 and with input from the Village Hall Committee new drawings and plans showng new ideas and better integration with the Outdoor Space.It became obvious that this transformation would cost more than the £84,250 available. In search of new money to help fund the exciting new ideas the Parish Council made a successful application and were then invited to apply for a grant from the Wychavon Community Legacy Fund. The application has been submitted and now we wait. If this application is successful it is envisaged the work to the Hall will happen between September 2020 and February 2021 and the revitalised Village Hall will open for business again in March 2021.



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